A partial list of our research areas includes:

Consumer Products: Fine Jewelry, Auto Repair Service, Main Meals, Fast Food, Dairy, Fresh Cut Fruit & Vegetables, Microbrews, Retail Women's Clothing Chains, Retail Eyewear Chains, Health Care Systems, Affiliation Dining, Auto Buying, Television Viewing, Swimming Pools, Sports Shoes & Equipment, Public Utilities, Gourmet Chocolate, Candy & Gum, Shaving, Compliance in Pharmaceuticals, Home Security   

Experience Environments: Museums & Exhibits, Live Theater, Themed Parks and Attractions, Destination Resorts, Retail Environments, Thrill Parks and Rides, Historic Sites & Symbols, Downtown Revivals, Shopping Malls, Public Transportation, Gender Effects on Wayfinding, Male Buying Patterns in Female Environments, Perception of Ideal Indoor Environments, University Campuses, Student Experience.

Group Perception: American Perception of Space Exploration, Defining the American Hero, Defining the American Leader, the Unconscious Drivers of Consumer Choice, Age Stage Development, Loss Aversion, Future Thinking

Finance: Cultural Drivers of Money, Cognitive Finance, Savings, Banking, Trust-Building Online, Private Banking    

Internet: On-Line Shopping & Service, How People Move through Virtual Space, Community-based Web design, Intuitive Web Design, On-line Marketing, Age and Gender-Friendly Web Design

The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis is a think tank that decodes how consumers determine value in products, concepts, and ideas.

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Our clients are corporations, businesses, institutions, consultants, and government  or other agencies who manufacture, market, and/or design products, experiences, concepts, and ideas for the consumer market. Our worldwide team of experts applies cultural analysis and original business intelligence tools to solve client marketing and development challenges.

Our Center has provided actionable solutions to market leaders  as diverse as Walt Disney Imagineering, the International Dairy Foods Association, DuPont, Procter and Gamble, Sea World, General Mills, Helzberg Diamonds, Thomas Jefferson University, Best Buy, Pfizer, 3M, The National Alliance for Musical Theater, Novartis, The Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Morgan Stanley, Motista, ING Direct, the National Constitution Center, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), as well as themed environments, museums, and educational venues worldwide.

Who Uses Us

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."

— Roy Disney

"CS&A is a unique resource, brilliant, creative, and delightfully downright sensible. They always come up with some key findings other sources missed."

— Tom Nagle, former Sr. Vice President, Marketing, IDFA 

("Got Milk?/Milk Mustache" campaign)