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The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis is a think tank that decodes how consumers determine value in products, concepts, and ideas.

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The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis offers several related levels of research, analysis, intelligence, and advisory service. These can be stand-alone or combined in any order as sequenced stages.


• Define the problem frame in which you will be working
• A conference-call consultation to clarify, define, chart, and position your product, project, idea, or innovation within the human factors matrix


• We work as part of your core team to frame the problem
• Continual access to our extensive expert database. 24-hour
telephone/media/teleconferencing contact, on or off-site

In Depth

• Deep dive into your specific problem area of human behavior to track the evolution of value over time
• Apply our original models and analytics of the human factors that drive decisions around your product, service, or experience
• Client-proprietary report to frame your problem in consumer terms

Comparative Analysis

• Research review – Is your data diffused, unclear, or contradictory? Do your insights not match actual consumer behavior?
• From this research review, clients often find answers they didn’t know they already had


• Keep the Center on retainer as a check against veering off-track during planning and development phases, or for maintaining consistency in planning / production, as well as marketing and messaging
• Retainer clients can pick up the phone anytime to ask questions, test assumptions, consult on language and imagery, and validate ideas


Walt Disney Imagineering



Six Flags

The International Dairy Foods Association


Thomas Jefferson University

The Scotts Company

Helzberg Diamonds

Sea World

Best Buy


Morgan Stanley