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The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis is a think tank that decodes how consumers determine value in products, concepts, and ideas.

The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis offers several related levels of research, analysis, intelligence, and advisory service. These can be stand-alone or combined in any order as sequenced stages.


• Define the problem frame in which you will be working
• A conference-call consultation to clarify, define, chart, and position your product, project, idea, or innovation within the human factors matrix


• We work as part of your core team to frame the problem
• Continual access to our extensive expert database. 24-hour
telephone/media/teleconferencing contact, on or off-site

In Depth

• Deep dive into your specific problem area of human behavior to track the evolution of value over time
• Apply our original models and analytics of the human factors that drive decisions around your product, service, or experience
• Client-proprietary report to frame your problem in consumer terms

Comparative Analysis

• Research review – Is your data diffused, unclear, or contradictory? Do your insights not match actual consumer behavior?
• From this research review, clients often find answers they didn’t know they already had


• Keep the Center on retainer as a check against veering off-track during planning and development phases, or for maintaining consistency in planning / production, as well as marketing and messaging
• Retainer clients can pick up the phone anytime to ask questions, test assumptions, consult on language and imagery, and validate ideas