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Hidden Systems — A blog about the subconscious drivers of choice that affect our decisions

The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis is a think tank that decodes how consumers determine value in products, concepts, and ideas.

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Principals Dr. Margaret J. King and Jamie O’Boyle have worked and presented in Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Malaysia, and Hungary. Our think-tank clients and colleagues are global: Paris, Greenwich, the University of Utrecht, Harvard University, Universidad de las Américas (Puebla, MX), Singapore Management University, and the Asia-Pacific resources of the East-West Center (U. of Hawaii, Honolulu).

CS&A maintains a select list of researchers, data bases, and subject experts for input as needed in any subject area as well as problem definition and solution-finding, brain research, cultural documentation, and marketing intelligence and application.

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Margaret J. King, Ph.D.


Phone: (215) 592-8544


Cultural Intelligence — A blog about why we feel, think, decide, and buy

Margaret J. King, Ph.D.


Margaret J. King is a nationally recognized expert on culture and consumer behavior. She received the first graduate degree awarded in Popular Culture from the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and the Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Hawaii. Research at the East-West Center Culture Learning Institute included international comparative literature and fieldwork in Tokyo and Kyoto. She is now Director of The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis, a Philadelphia-based think tank that identifies how people find and recognize value.

She has served on the boards of the American Culture Association, The Association for the Preservation of Artifacts and Landscapes, the Geographical Society of Philadelphia, as Colleague in the Creative Problem-Solving Institute, and Life Chair of Fellows in American Studies. Her research areas range from theme parks (recognized national expert), museums, the popular arts, the nature of creativity, film, television, cross-cultural issues, and marketing, to consumer psychology, decision-making, and culture theory. 

Dr. King’s studies of culture appear in over a hundred publications including Industry Week, The Futurist, Museum, American Marketing Association Newsletter, Material Culture, Antioch Review, The Conference Board, Journal of American Culture, Journal of Popular Culture, International Popular Culture, Journal of Creative Behavior, ACA Focus, Innovative Leader, Mature Marketing Media, and Marketing Insights.  She wrote the entries for Disneyland and Walt Disney World for the Dictionary of Popular Culture, and defined the theme park for The Guide to U.S. Popular Culture. Chapter contributions to numerous books include The Cultures of Celebration, Themes in Advertising, Research in Culture Learning: Language and Conceptual Studies; The American Mosaic, and Advertising and Popular Culture, and Disneyland and Culture.

Dr. King is a frequently quoted expert in media and news features, including network television, The Learning Channel, and E-TV.

Jamie O’Boyle

Senior Analyst

“At Harmonic we say, "the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior." This is illustrated in an observation by the brilliant cultural anthropologist Jamie O'Boyle. "...the human brain is essentially a pattern-seeking device. Among the leading patterns our brain searches out is human intention, based on repeated patterns of emotions, body language, context, and a myriad other variables."  

—Harmonic International, strategic positioning company

Jamie O'Boyle is Senior Analyst at the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis in Philadelphia.  He has done cross-cultural field studies and written on global culture from areas as wide-ranging as the Middle and Far East, East Africa, the former Soviet Union, England, and Northern Ireland.  Work with the World Game Institute focused on global issues.  He developed the complex systems models used to identify and track patterns of behavior and decision making within national and institutional cultures. These include age-stage development, community-building, perception intake and processing, wayfinding, gender, cultural values, hierarchy of needs, and the hidden systems identification.

His expertise on these unconscious drivers of choice includes work on human perception, culture, shared values, the brain, biology, and behavior. This research has been applied by clients as diverse as Walt Disney Imagineering, P&G, Thomas Jefferson University, DuPont, General Mills, P&G, FutuRum Sweden, 3M, The International Dairy Foods Association, Tierney & Partners Advertising, the Sales Focus Project, The Autry Museum of Western Heritage, The National Constitution Center, Pfizer, Six Flags, Sea World, and NASA.  His expertise in the dynamics of individual and group behavior is often cited in the media.

He served as President of the American Creativity Association, as Area Chair of the Popular Culture Association, and Vice President of Fellows in American Studies. He has lectured widely on the unconscious assumptions and systems that drive decision making at institutions such as The University of Greenwich (UK), The University of the Americas (Mexico), and Harvard University.