We are the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis. 

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“The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis is the 'go-to' firm to which I point clients when they need to better understand the cultural context in which their customers are situated and the real-world concerns that drive consumer behavior in their industry.”​​

— James H. Gilmore, co-author,
​The Experience Economy

We are a research institute that decodes how people find value in products, services, concepts, and ideas. Our work is inspired by one simple truth: People cannot tell you what they want with any degree of accuracy, but those same people recognize what they want with 100% accuracy.

​What people tell you they want is unverified testimony. What they habitually do is reliable evidence. Without examining the evidence of consistent patterns of behavior to compare to the testimony, you are working without the critical information to make informed strategy, planning, and tactical decisions.  

We provide this critical piece of the puzzle. We can tell you why people wanted what they have, what they will want in the future, and how they will recognize it when they see it.

We Follow the Evidence.

Behavior is how subconscious beliefs, needs, and wants are truly expressed. Consistent patterns of behavior over time are the only reliable indicator of what people actively believe and want. Our Center operates from over two decades’ analysis of the human factors that drive consumer choice.

We provide next-level actionable solutions for companies, institutions, and agencies worldwide, from manufacturing, marketing, and the experience industry to cultural, educational, and government agencies. 

​People in groups are predictable. If it’s used by humans, we can track, analyze, map, explain, and project it. Using cultural analysis, you will learn not only why people make the choices they do, but what they are most likely to do in the future.